Thursday, November 30, 2006

Shell - Truly a world class experience

The Shell Group is a global group of energy and pertrochemical companies operating in more than 140 countries.
Shell India Marketing Pvt Ltd, is a 100% subsidiary of Shell India Pvt Ltd and which is incorporated in Tamil Nadu, and is implementing Shell India's retail initiative in India

Shell started its operation in india in 1928, about 78 years back, by the name of Burmah Shell.
In Chennai, shell started opening its outlets from April 2005. The first Shell outlet was opened in Arcot Road, Vadapalani.

The other Shell outlets in chennai are located in Madhavaram, Porur, Tondiarpet, Chengalpet, and the most recent being Velachery.
The Velachery Shell outlet is located on the Velachery-Tambaram road between the Kamatchi Memorial Hospital and the Jerusalem Engineering College near Pallikaranai ( Opp. to the National Institute of Ocean Technology)

The Experience :
It was really a world class experience to fill fuel at a Shell outlet. The Shell symbol is recognized worldwide and the station is maintained very well.

An attendant in a Red & Black uniform routes the incoming vehicles to fuel dispensing pumps. Another attendant comes to you, and says "Vanakkam Sir!, What would you like to fill ? Petrol or Diesel ? Unleaded or Speed ?" with utmost politeness. No body in chennai would have ever spoken to you like that before!! You will feel that you have suddenly landed into another planet and when you give your choices, the attender goes on to initialize the fuel dispensing pump and comes back to you to confirm your choice. He/she says "Sir, you have opted for Unleaded Petrol for Please ensure Zero". Wow ! that was great ! and believe me, i have never had this kind of a treatment before while filling up petrol !! ( like most of us, i have also had some disputes at other petrol bunks on not ensuring zero before filling) They also ask us to shut the engine off before filling petrol. In the meantime, another attendant comes into ask "Can i clean the wind shield Sir ?" and if you say yes, he cleans it with a liquid soap after asking you to close the window glasses!! After filling up the petrol, the attender comes to you with the bill that the fuel dispensing pump prints out and asks "Are you paying by cash or card sir ? " and gets you the receipt.

and then waves his/her hand and says "Bye Thank you sir, Drive safely sir!". You can feel a wave of hospitality in the air all over the station. All the staffs are well trained and well mannered with neat uniforms.

The sleek fuel dispensers are manufactured by Tatsuno Corporation of Japan which also has the facility to print out receipts at the press of a button.

The Difference :
  • The fuelling station is clean
  • There are 10 fuel dispensing pumps which are arranged sequentially one after the other.
  • In each of the fuel dispensing pumps, there is a fire extinguisher, a water can, tissues, and a Squeegee
  • There is also a poster that reminds us of the things that should not be done near a petrol station. for eg., Switching off mobile phones, Shut off engine, No smoking etc.,
  • The fuel meter reading display is big and is visible clearly.
  • This shell station has two air-filling units
  • The fuel station also has a convenience store that sells chocolates, biscuits, beverages, light eats, batteries and film rolls
  • If you want to ensure that the quantity is correct, you can also request for a measuring jar and confirm the quantity.
Hereafter, i have decided to re-fuel my car only at a Shell outlet whenever possible. You may never have to worry about the quality or quantity ! I would like every bike/car owner to visit the outlet atleast once and i bet and you will not go elsewhere !

World class company always provides world class service, where-ever it may be!

Truly, I swear by Shell !

These pictures@flickr were taken with my Nokia - 6300 ;-)


Thursday, November 02, 2006

All my Flickr Photos...

This is a slideshow of all the photos that i have uploaded to flickr. I created this using a tool called PictoBrowser.

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